Larkin Poe

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過去40場演唱會中Larkin Poe演奏最多的前10首歌曲. New to Larkin Poe? Listen to the best songs first ()




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Larkin Poe 可能在1:11後登臺. 根據以往演唱會演唱的曲目,以下是這次最有可能演出的曲目 (40% probability):

  1. no cover Summertime Sunset
  2. Reskinned cover Trouble in Mind
  3. Peach cover Black Betty
  4. Venom & Faith cover Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues
  5. Peach cover Look Away
  6. Father Of The Delta Blues: The Complete 1965 Sessions cover Preachin' Blues (Son House cover)
  7. Peach cover Freedom
  8. Venom & Faith cover California King
  9. Rachmaninoff, Tschaikowski & Whitacre: Lux Aeterna cover John the Revelator ([traditional] cover)
  10. no cover Black Echo
  11. Larkin Poe On Audiotree Live cover Run for Your Money
  12. Venom & Faith cover Blue Ridge Mountains
  13. Peach cover Wanted Woman / AC/DC

Larkin Poe Tour Map 2020

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46 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: 美国, 爱尔兰, 英国, 法国, 卢森堡, 荷兰, 西班牙, 瑞士, 意大利, 德国, 奥地利, 波兰, 捷克, 瑞典, 挪威, 丹麦, 比利时, 澳大利亚, etc.



  1. Right Time
  2. Highway Queen
  3. Gone, Gone, Gone
Nikki Lane Photo

Nikki Lane

  1. Ashes
  2. Something for You
  3. Little Lie
Lindi Ortega Photo

Lindi Ortega

  1. Devil We Know
  2. Come To Me (Ofenbach Remix) - Radio Edit
  3. Come to Me
Lily & Madeleine Photo

Lily & Madeleine

  1. Time To Grow
  2. In My Time Of Dyin'
  3. Take One Moment
The Lovell Sisters Photo

The Lovell Sisters

  1. My Love (The Storm)
  2. Deep Dark Below
  3. Leave It Alone
Amanda Shires Photo

Amanda Shires

  1. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - from The Hunger Games Soundtrack
  2. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
  3. The One I Love Is Gone
The Secret Sisters Photo

The Secret Sisters

  1. Drinkin'
  2. Three Days In Bed
  3. Waiting On June
Holly Williams Photo

Holly Williams

  1. Gasoline And Matches
  2. Orphans of God
  3. Everytime We Say Goodbye
Buddy & Julie Miller Photo

Buddy & Julie Miller

  1. The Time I've Wasted
  2. Wreck You
  3. Your Next Lover
Lori McKenna Photo

Lori McKenna

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