George Thorogood & The Destroyers

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George Thorogood & The Destroyers 可能在1:13後登臺. 根據以往演唱會演唱的曲目,以下是這次最有可能演出的曲目 (77% probability):

  1. Hard Stuff cover Rock Party
  2. Move It On Over cover Who Do You Love?
  3. The Sonics Boom cover Shot Down (The Sonics cover)
  4. I Want Candy: The Best Of The Strangeloves cover Night Time (The Strangeloves cover)
  5. Maverick cover I Drink Alone
  6. Down The Road Apiece -the Best Of Amos Milburn cover One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Amos Milburn cover)
  7. Maverick cover Gear Jammer
  8. Haircut cover Get a Haircut
  9. Bad To The Bone cover Bad to the Bone
  10. Link Wray cover Tail Dragger (Link Wray cover)
  11. 40 Greatest Hits cover Move It on Over (Hank Williams cover)
  12. 再一次 #1

  13. Born To Be Bad cover Born to Be Bad

George Thorogood & The Destroyers Tour Map 2020

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  1. The Stroke
  2. Lonely Is The Night
  3. Everybody Wants You
Billy Squier Photo

Billy Squier

  1. Slow Ride
  2. I Just Want to Make Love to You
  3. Fool for the City
Foghat Photo


  1. Stranglehold
  2. Cat Scratch Fever
  3. Motor City Madhouse
Ted Nugent Photo

Ted Nugent

  1. Centerfold
  2. Freeze-Frame
  3. Love Stinks
The J. Geils Band Photo

The J. Geils Band

  1. Rocky Mountain Way
  2. Life's Been Good
  3. Turn to Stone
Joe Walsh Photo

Joe Walsh

  1. Be Careful With a Fool
  2. Highway 61 Revisited
  3. Johnny B. Goode
Johnny Winter Photo

Johnny Winter

  1. Flirtin' With Disaster
  2. Whiskey Man
  3. Dreams I'll Never See
Molly Hatchet Photo

Molly Hatchet

  1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  2. Angel Eyes
  3. See the Light
The Jeff Healey Band Photo

The Jeff Healey Band

  1. I Can't Drive 55
  2. Heavy Metal
  3. There's Only One Way to Rock
Sammy Hagar Photo

Sammy Hagar

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