Madrigal 音樂會



抱歉, 我們沒有關於這位藝術家的任何資訊. :(

但是... 這是Madrigal在演唱會中最有可能演唱的前10首歌!

Madrigal Tour Map 2021

Follow Madrigal around the world and explore the places where you can catch Madrigal on tour.
16 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: 土耳其, 德国, etc.



  1. The Shine of the Unknown
  2. Land of Rain
  3. I'm the King Again
7th Moon Photo

7th Moon

  1. Eldritch Mirror
  2. Bride of the Dark
  3. Chimaera
Mercury Rain Photo

Mercury Rain

  1. At The Barricades
  2. Second Last, But Not Always
  3. Thanks To You
The Provenance Photo

The Provenance

  1. Bringing on the Heartbreak
  2. Atl Feelings
  3. Hitch Hiker
Without Face Photo

Without Face

  1. Aureole - Studio
  2. Wilderness - Studio
  3. Visions In Blue - Studio
The Blood Divine Photo

The Blood Divine

  1. Disintegration
  2. Loose and Over
  3. Rain Paint
Rain Paint Photo

Rain Paint

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