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Alan Jackson 可能在1:47後登臺. 根據以往演唱會演唱的曲目,以下是這次最有可能演出的曲目 (66% probability):

  1. 16 Biggest Hits cover Gone Country
  2. 34 Number Ones cover I Don't Even Know Your Name
  3. 34 Number Ones cover Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)
  4. 34 Number Ones cover Livin' on Love
  5. Good Time cover Good Time
  6. Greatest Hits Volume Ii cover The Blues Man
  7. 12 Of His Biggest Hits cover Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran cover)
  8. Greatest Hits cover Who's Cheatin' Who (Charly McClain cover)
  9. Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story cover Here in the Real World
  10. 34 Number Ones cover Chasin' That Neon Rainbow
  11. 34 Number Ones cover Little Bitty
  12. Good Time cover Country Boy
  13. 34 Number Ones cover Drive (For Daddy Gene)
  14. Don`t Rock The Jukebox cover Don't Rock the Jukebox
  15. 34 Number Ones cover Remember When
  16. Live At Texas Stadium cover It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
  17. A Lot About Livin' (and A Little 'bout Love) cover Chattahoochee
  18. 34 Number Ones cover Where I Come From
  19. 再一次 #1

  20. Mercury Blues cover Mercury Blues (K.C. Douglas cover)

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  1. Check Yes Or No
  2. All My Ex's Live In Texas
  3. Carrying Your Love With Me
George Strait Photo

George Strait

  1. Red Dirt Road
  2. Boot Scootin' Boogie
  3. My Maria
Brooks & Dunn Photo

Brooks & Dunn

  1. Beer For My Horses
  2. As Good as I Once Was
  3. I Love This Bar
Toby Keith Photo

Toby Keith

  1. Song of the South
  2. I'm in a Hurry (And Don't Know Why)
  3. Mountain Music
Alabama Photo


  1. Forever And Ever, Amen
  2. Deeper Than the Holler
  3. Diggin' Up Bones
Randy Travis Photo

Randy Travis

  1. Watermelon Crawl
  2. Drinkin' Bone
  3. I'm From The Country
Tracy Byrd Photo

Tracy Byrd

  1. It's A Great Day To Be Alive
  2. Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde
  3. Best Of Intentions
Travis Tritt Photo

Travis Tritt

  1. The Good Stuff
  2. I Go Back
  3. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
Kenny Chesney Photo

Kenny Chesney

  1. Bubba Shot The Jukebox
  2. Goin' Through The Big D
  3. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Mark Chesnutt Photo

Mark Chesnutt

  1. Mud on the Tires
  2. She's Everything
  3. Alcohol
Brad Paisley Photo

Brad Paisley

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