Swing Out Sister

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Swing Out Sister 可能在1:21後登臺. 根據以往演唱會演唱的曲目,以下是這次最有可能演出的曲目 (23% probability):

  1. Rushes cover Don't Give The Game Away
  2. Private View cover Am I the Same Girl
  3. Almost Persuaded cover Almost Persuaded
  4. Kaleidoscope World cover You On My Mind
  5. Almost Persuaded cover Everybody's Here
  6. The Living Return cover Don't Give Up on a Good Thing
  7. Private View cover Incomplete Without You
  8. It's Better To Travel cover Twilight World
  9. Private View cover Now You're Not Here
  10. Time And Love: The Essential Masters cover Stoned Soul Picnic (Laura Nyro cover)
  11. The Living Return cover Feel Free
  12. 再一次 #1

  13. It's Better To Travel cover Breakout

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  1. Cruising for Bruising
  2. Astrud
  3. Time and Tide
Basia Photo


  1. Half a Minute
  2. Ordinary Day
  3. More Than I Can Bear
Matt Bianco Photo

Matt Bianco

  1. Still A Friend Of Mine
  2. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
  3. Deep Waters
Incognito Photo


  1. You're The Best Thing
  2. My Ever Changing Moods
  3. Walls Come Tumbling Down
The Style Council Photo

The Style Council

  1. All Around the World
  2. Change
  3. The Real Thing
Lisa Stansfield Photo

Lisa Stansfield

  1. For Your Eyes Only
  2. Morning Train (Nine to Five)
  3. Strut
Sheena Easton Photo

Sheena Easton

  1. Down On The Street
  2. Night Birds
  3. Easier Said Than Done
Shakatak Photo


  1. Baby, Come To Me
  2. Say You Love Me
  3. Through The Test Of Time
Patti Austin Photo

Patti Austin

  1. Sweet Love
  2. You Bring Me Joy
  3. No One in the World
Anita Baker Photo

Anita Baker

  1. Barefoot On The Beach
  2. Never Satisfied
  3. Popsicle Toes
Michael Franks Photo

Michael Franks

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